IP Audio Decoder for retail market

Barix AG has introduced its Exstreamer 110, a new version of its Exstreamer IP audio decoder designed specifically for the in-store media and hospitality markets.

The new Exstreamer-110 retains the same features of previous Exstreamer generations and adds a backlit 2x16 character LCD to display stream metadata or file information. The Exstreamer-110 also has a relay and a built-in remote control receiver to enable channel selection from a variety of music streams, for use in clubs, restaurants, and hotel rooms.
In a typical Barix in-store media configuration, the audio is encoded into a compressed audio stream at the central office — using a Barix Instreamer IP audio encoder — and then streamed over IP to branch stores, where a single Exstreamer receives and decodes the stream for playback over the store PA systems. Alternative firmware allows the use of the devices in a typical “store and forward” configuration, where the device updates the contents of a plugged-in USB memory independently of playing back a predetermined playlist.
Barix also provides an Exstreamer variant with a built-in amplifier, useable in smaller outlets without PA systems, and the Annuncicom PA/Intercom solution that works seamlessly with Exstreamers for the implementation of sophisticated PA, background music and intercom solutions.

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