Intevi introduces IPTV and digital signage system

Intevi has introduced its IDT system combining IP video delivery and digital signage.

Suited to corporate and leisure environments, the IDT range allows users to deliver digital video streams and manage content over an IP network to TV displays and PCs.

The modular head end supports both terrestrial and satellite feeds with support for DVB T/T2/S/S2/C/QAM and ATSC. Encoded feeds including Sky boxes, Cameras or DVD players in SD or full HD can also be handled by the system.

Users can configure and manage the system through it web-based central management system. A mobile app is also available for control via a handheld device.

Each display device in the Intevi IDT system can be controlled and system actions can be applied across multiple screens. Branded templates can be displayed in two modes with full or minimal branding. The operator can centrally control channel selection, apply different templates or send full screen alerts or display on screen messages on individual, groups or all screens.

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