Interconnect system for heavy duty applications

The new Harting Ha-VIS preLink interconnection system offers a new installation concept for data network cabling according to ISO/IEC 1180.1, and suited to heavy-duty applications in theatre backstage and upstage areas.

Under the  system, the data cable is first assembled in the preLinktermination block, which then snaps into the preLink standard RJ45 jacks or optional HARTING plug modules. The preLink cables can be either terminated in the field or factory supplied pre-terminated in a reliable, performance-guaranteed, pre-tested state.

HARTING offers a patch panel for installation in 19-inch cabinets or frames in accordance with IEC/DIN EN 60297-3-100 (DIN 41494-1). A mix of up to 24 individual Ha-VIS preLink(R) RJ45 socket modules and RJ Industrial(R) 10G couplers can be loaded into the patch panel.

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