Interactive Scape launches tangible recognition touch table

Interactive Scape (IAS), the Berlin-based multi-touch software and hardware developer, has announced the Scape Pro 55 UHD multi-touch table.

Supporting the Ventuz software suite and TUIO protocol, the 55-in Scape Pro 55
UHD also features Interactive Scaps’s innovative Capore technology for tangible object recognition on capacitive touch. Capore comes with a selection of standard markers, but also offers flexibility for custom shapes.
The Scape Pro 55 UHD consists of a 55-in 4K/UHD multi-touch display with a 3M touch-sensor and a noiseless workstation. With up to 80 simultaneous touch points and a waterproof surface, the touch screen is suitable for servicing several users at once. In combination with Ventuz’s 2D/3D graphic design capabilities, a large number of applications can be created, from information terminals to points of sales and much more.  
With Ventuz’s interaction tool set, users can create touch and object applications with drag-and-drop operations, making it easy to convert any graphic presentation into an interactive user experience.
The Scape Pro’s tangible object recognition works without setup in various different environments, from highly lit exhibition floors to changing light situations in shops and even outdoors. 

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