Inter-M PMU Series mixer amplifiers support digital media integration

AUTHOR: Inavate

Two Inter-M amplifiers, the PMU60N and PMU120N are now shipping from specialist AV distributor, CIE-Group.

These 60W and 120W, 6-input mixer amplifiers offer features such as audio-over-IP integration, on-board USB media player and internet radio functionality.

Using a direct network connection, both models can stream music from the huge range of internet radio channels available online, to be played through the amplifier – making it a very flexible background music solution.

Both models benefit from a USB input and on-board soundcard, which allows playback of MP3/WMA/WAV audio files directly from a USB memory stick. This negates the need for external source equipment if just playing digital audio files. 

In addition, the Inter-M PMUs have a built-in internet radio receiver, which works as a standalone feature without the need to connect to a PC or smartphone.

Both PMU amplifiers are also compatible with Inter-M’s new AOE-212 Audio-over-Ethernet Transmitter. This PA distribution device allows for audio content or paging to be distributed over standard network connectivity to one or many receivers/amplifiers in a building, campus or multi-site PA system. In such a system, the PMU60/120N acts as both amplifier and audio-over-IP receiver.

The PMU60/120N also includes five selectable microphone/line level inputs, telephone input and dual RCAs (stereo-to-mono sum), as well as a mini-jack connector to the front of the device for connectivity of portable source devices such as smartphones or MP3 players. Both products are shipping now from UK InterM distributor, CIE-Group.