Intel and MS digital signage platform available

Intel and Microsoft have announced the availability of an embedded technology platform developed specifically for digital signage applications that include Intel chips and Windows software.

The announcement was first made in London at the Digital Signage Strategies Forum on May 4th, and the system already has several supporters in the digital signage sector including AOpen, C-Nario, Digital Panorama, DT Research, Harris, NEC and YCD Multi-media.

Jose Avalos, Intel’s director of digital signage, said: “This is the first and only platform in the digital signage industry to offer remote manageability with a validated operating system. The Intel Core processor-based system with Microsoft Embedded Standard 7” will enable solution providers to build more reliable digital signage networks, faster.”

Translation – we’re more reliable, standardised and therefore easier to use than Linux platforms. And we’re very, very large. Watch out digital signage peeps, here come the big boys.

Intel first announced its intentions in the Digital Signage space back in January, but this announcement of an embedding partnership with MS is pretty big news.