Innosonix launches multi-channel DSP amplifiers

Innosonix has introduced eight new power amplifier models, aimed at the high-end corporate installation market.

The amplifiers are available in three chassis sizes, with the MAXX² models offering a range of channel count, rack space and power output options. 

Each model’s numerals indicate the number of channels (MA16, MA24 or MA32), with each model including on-board DSP features such as limiting FIR and IRR filters, multiple delays and speaker pre-sets as well as AES3, MADI, AES67 and Dante inputs as standard. 

The higher power MA24/ HP² and MA32/ HP² amplifiers also offer dual redundant power supplies for critical applications. 

A web-based software is available for control of single devices or allowing the planning, setup and control of multiple channels in an installation, with a global overview of all connected devices enabling remote management of a project. 

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