InFocus releases wireless adapter for collaboration

InFocus has released a wireless adapter that can transform projectors and flatscreens into wireless and networked displays.

The LiteShow III wireless adaptor is designed to work with any brand of projector, flat panel or other display with a VGA input to share data, audio and video over secure wireless connections at speeds up to 150Mbps and with a range of 91m.

The adaptor is compatible with operating systems, including Windows 7, Mac, iPhones and Windows Mobile.

Collaboration features allow a room full of computers or wireless devices to connect to a single display. Four screens can be shown simultaneously. LiteShow III can be used in three secure configurations: wireless display only, wireless display and Internet connection, wireless display, Internet and secure network access.

When a projector or other display with LiteShow III is connected to a network, computers on the network can connect to LiteShow enabled display to share visual information. In addition, meeting guests can collaborate by using the LiteShow III USB drive to easily make a direct wireless connection to the display without installing software.

LiteShow III provides on-board video decoding for display of HD video and audio.

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