InFocus introduces Android touch display for classroom collaboration

InFocus has launched an Android-based interactive touch display for education.

The 75-in JTouch Plus INF7530eAG runs the Android operating system that supports whiteboarding, document viewing, web browsing, and wireless casting via built-in AirPlay functionality.

It comes with multi-device touch control allowing teachers to plug in any single smartphone, laptop, or tablet to the front of the display, as well as four additional devices to the back, without changing cables.

The Total Touch Control system management interface eliminates the need for a remote. Teachers and students can touch icons on the display to change inputs, or access the home screen, all applications, and control functions.

In addition, the JTouch Plus INF7530eAG allows for true annotation over any input. Teachers can connect any device (HDMI, VGA or PC), freeze the screen and annotate over any lesson, and then save screen captures to the internal storage or an external USB drive.

Wireless casting allows teachers and students to share lessons or classwork to the display from their mobile device or computer using built-in AirPlay functionality or via the EShare application that enables additional functions, including remote control.

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