InFocus adds three 85-in displays to product range

InFocus is expanding its range of collaboration devices and interactive LFDs, with Mondopad, BigTouch and JTouch now available in 85-in versions.

The new InFocus 85-in models enable large format videoconferencing and collaboration.

The 85-in Mondopad Ultra is suitable for use in communications centre for large working groups in conference halls, training rooms or meeting centres. The unit features a combination of a 4K LCD display with optical touch and anti-glare, Windows 10 PC Intel i7 processor and the InFocus Collaboration Software Suite,.

The integrated control software also enables presentations displayed on the Mondopad to be controlled wirelessly from any Windows or Apple notebook.

The new 85-in BigTouch version is suitable for large-scale presentations and editing of documents. It features a combination of interactive touchscreen experience (4K, optical touch and anti-glare) and PC (Intel i7 processor and pre-installed (64-bit) Windows 10 Pro) to make it suitable for collaboration and presentations for large groups in a lecture hall, seminar or conference room. It is also suitable for use as an interactive information centre in hotels or museums. In the healthcare sector BigTouch can help with large-scale presentations and the explanation of findings. It can also be used in the construction sector with the collaborative sketching and editing of designs and blueprints.

The new 85-in JTouch offers 4K resolution and an anti-glare display in large-scale high-definition format. The JTouch also comes with an optional Android whiteboard solution that transforms it into a interactive whiteboard. The connectivity of these LCD displays is provided by their numerous possible connections via DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA and component video interfaces. Users can alternatively transfer their data quickly, easily and wirelessly via the InFocus LiteShow4 adapter.

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