InFocus adds 4K resolution to touchscreen range

InFocus is adding features, including projected capacitive touch and 4K resolution, to a variety of its interactive touchscreen and video conferencing products.

InFocus new 65-inch Mondopad, interactive 65-inch and 70-inch JTouch whiteboards, as well as the previously annouced 40-inch JTouch whiteboard and 65-inch Canvas Touch are the first InFocus products to employ projected capacitive touch.

The technology, used on smartphones and tablets, eliminates the need for a stylus and enables a more intuitive and responsive user experience. Unlike IR touchscreens, capacitive touch technology allows more touch points with faster response and bezel-free edge-to-edge glass, allowing for a brighter and sharper display, a sleek design and fluid multi-touch capabilities.

InFocus is adding 4K technology to several display solutions across its entire product line, including the 80-inch Mondopad, 80-inch JTouch and the new 70-inch JTouch.
The following products are available now: Capacitive touch 65-inch INF6502WBp JTouch, * 4K 80-inch INF8002 JTouch, Capacitive touch Canvas Touch, Capacitive touch 40-inch INF4030 JTouch.

The 4K 80-inch INF8022 Mondopad will be available in June.

The 4K, capacitive touch 70-inch INF7002WB JTouch, and capacitive touch 65-inch INF6521 Mondopad, will be available in July.

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