Infocus 55” collaboration display incorporates VC tech

Infocus has launched Mondopad, a 55”, touch-controlled collaboration tool that incorporates cloud based video conferencing.

The product is being billed as a "wall tablet" and has been developed with Vidtel, a cloud videoconferencing service provider.

Mondopad connects to all SIP and H.323 standards based end points and some proprietary video conferencing platforms including Google Chat, Polycom and Cisco.

The product has a 720p HD video camera and sound bar. The 55" LCD 1080p display is designed for multi-touch and whiteboard functionality.

Local and remote users can share, view and control presentations from PCs, tablets and smartphones.

WiFi connectivity allows authorised users to connect directly to a corporate network through the display or access the internet.

Remote participants can see a Mondopad displays via a dedicated webpage.

The multitouch display works with numerous file types including Word documents, PowerPoint displays, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs and jpgs. Presentation, whiteboard and annotation applications are included.

IT administrators and managed service providers can monitor and manage the Mondopad remotely. Embedded Intel vPro technologies and compatibility with remote monitoring and management software.

Administrators can add their own Windows applications to Mondopad.