InfoComm 2018: QSC to introduce Premium Business Music Solutions

QSC is to introduce a portfolio of Premium Business Music Solutions, including multi-zone mixers, attractive wall controllers, configurable multi-channel amplifiers, SUB/SAT loudspeakers, as well as accompanying installation and management apps at InfoComm 2018.

The products will be showcased at the QSC Demo Room N115 at InfoComm 2018 (June 6-8, 2018).

The Premium Business Music portfolio includes the MP-M Series music and paging mixers, for processing and routing foreground/background audio for multi-zone retail and hospitality applications. They also provide live mixing functionality for business applications that also require live speech reinforcement, including fitness clubs, hotel meeting rooms, banquet halls, etc.

Built on the same platform as the QSC TouchMix Series, the MP-M Series includes the MP-M40, which offers four mic/line inputs, four phono line inputs and four zone outputs, and the MP-M80, which offers eight mic/line inputs, eight phono line inputs and eight zone outputs. Housed in a compact 1RU chassis, each include DSP resources, priority ducking, scheduling and automatic mixing functionalities.

Systems designers and installers will use the MP Install app (for iOS/Android tablets, Windows and Mac OS PCs) to design and configure systems for MP-M Series mixers. This wireless control features an intuitive Workflow Wizard to assist installers with navigating the room tuning process and expediting commissioning tasks.

The portfolio also includes wired MP-MFC wall controllers, which provides multi-zone source selection, scene selection and volume control for the end user. Installers can connect up to eight MP-MFC controllers to a single MP-M Series mixer using standard CAT-5 cabling with a maximum total cable length of 840 ft. (250 m). They can be installed in North American or European electrical boxes and are available in both black and white.

For wireless end user control, the MP Manage app (for iOS/Android tablets and smartphones) provides day-to-day operation of basic system functions including zone level control and source selection, scene recall, scheduling, and mixer control. It also offers a store-and-forward zone paging functionality to the MP-M Series mixer.

MP-A Series Zone amplifiers offer Class-D efficiency, with each model housed in 1RU chassis, this series includes the MP-A20V (200W x 2 channels), the MP-A40V (200W x 4 channels), and the MP-A80V (200W x 8 channels).

MP-A Series features FlexAmp Technology, which provides each pair of channels with a combined power of up to 400W, which can deliver one channel with the full power or can be shared between the pair in any ratio. Each channel can be configured as either low impedance, 70V or 100V, with or without a high-pass filter.

The loudspeaker offering includes the AcousticDesign Series SUB/SAT Loudspeakers, which includes surface mount (AD-S.SUB and AD-S.SAT), ceiling mount (AD-C.SUB and AD-C.SAT) and pendant mount (AD-P.SUB and AD-P.SAT) subwoofer/satellite enclosures.

Like other models in the AcousticDesign Series, the SUB/SAT line includes the same balanced sonic characteristics and shares aesthetic qualities, which allows users to mix-&-match enclosure types. They also include features to minimise installation and commissioning labour costs including built-in high pass satellite outputs, snap-fit magnetic grills (for ceiling-mount and pendant-mount loudspeakers), and a repeatable wall-mounting system (for surface-mount models).

For installations with higher channel counts, more complex processing or user control requirements, designers can elevate the system even further with the Q-SYS Platform. This allows end users to take advantage of Q-SYS touch screen controllers, and third-party device control of video switchers or environmental controls.

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