INFOBIT Launches iShare X Wireless Conferencing System BYOM

INFOBIT, a professional manufacturer in meeting room technology, today launched its next-generation wireless conferencing solution, the iShare X series wireless conferencing system.

The new launch, which is all set to revolutionize conferencing, is based on the concept of BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting), as it takes away all the friction points related to hosting video conferences from your own device.

Whether used in huddles spaces, meeting rooms or boardrooms, iShare X works seamlessly with your video conferencing software, your camera brand, your laptop, and most importantly, makes remote meetings as intuitive as having a face-to-face meeting.

The iShare X brings seamless one-touch wireless conferencing. With our agnostic wireless room system, you start a hybrid meeting from your laptop, using any conference software to enjoy your seamless Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) experiences. Walk in, connect automatically to room devices like cameras, mics, speakers, sound bars.

The iShare X is compatible with almost all USB cameras and USB conferencing audio solutions, e.g. speakerphones, AEC processors, video soundbars with audio integration, etc.

The WLAN is encrypted with AES WPA2PSK authentication, and data transmission is also encrypted with 256/1,024 bits. Moreover, the iShare X is designed with 2 separated RJ45 ports for both company staff and guests.


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