INFOBIT debuts new LCD KVM Consoles

INFOBIT debuts the newly designed 18.5” LCD KVM Consoles.



1- 1x, 8x or 16x VGA ports.
2- 18.5-inch LCD monitor and KVM control, 1U size
3- 1920x1080 FHD, 16:9 aspect ratio LCD screen.
4- The screen can be unfolded up to 110 degrees
5- Sharp exterior design, enhancing the overall image of the server room.
6- OSD touch buttons eliminate the need for panel openings, improving product protection.
7- Scissor-foot ultra-thin keyboard with better feel, supports independent numeric keypad.
8- Independent "KVM-OSD" button supports one-click access to the KVM OSD menu.
9- Auto-off backlight LCD monitor saves energy.
10- Easy unlocking, and dragout to use the KVM console directly by just one-hand operation.

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