Increased options for loudspeaker series

SpeakerCraft is using its new NEAT (No Edge Audio Technology) to increase the options for its AIM series.

In creating a flush mounted speaker with no external flange, the challenge was to provide a mounting system that was easy and efficient. “The physical appearance of the speaker is irrelevant if installing it requires an excess amount of time and effort.,” says Error! Bookmark not defined., SpeakerCraft’s V.P. of Product Development. “Dealers want to be in and out as quickly as possible. Although mounting a NEAT speaker is more involved than mounting a speaker with a flange, it is certainly faster and easier than any other flangeless speaker available today.”

There are six ceiling models in the NEAT series, three with 7-inch woofers and three with 8-inch woofers, all comparable to the standard AIM7 Two, Three and Five as well as the AIM8 One, Three and Five respectively.

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