ILS celebrates 10 years of intelligent lecterns at ISE

ILS passed its 10-year mark last month and is heading for its 11th appearance at ISE in Amsterdam. Come see us Feb 7-10, booth 13.D108, where we will be showing off our newest trademark stylish, intelligent lecterns.

Since 2006, ILS has built both pillar and cabinet based lecterns designed in a T-shape, with touch and pen interactive screens and electrical height adjustability for excellent ergonomics, and with strong emphasis on quality and durability.

To build for decades to come we place a priority on manufacturing lecterns that are easy to service and upgrade. The ILS22 with its all glass 31-in touch-glass top was one of our first designs in 2007; it is still a show-stopper and selling well.

New and most significant is the Synergy IM Presenter which offers the widest functional integration in a very compact space. The Synergy IM comes with a 29-in ultra-wide monitor, a 12-in letterbox keyboard/function control pad monitor, touch pad and other backlit functions all under a single sheet of Zytronic multi-touch glass, which ILS programmed for optimal accuracy.

ISE 2017 sees launch of sho-Q2020, our software package that lets users seamlessly integrate annotated presentations, documents, web pages, document camera shots and interactive whiteboard sheets. Sho-Q2020 offers seamless switching between any slide or page, at any time, with auto capture of the speech or lecture from all input methods automatically saved as PDF.

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