Ikon claims SPC eases projector control

Ikon AVS, UK based control and connectivity specialist, has released a range of projector controllers. The SPC7, SPC6 and SPC4 make up the range of Simple Projector Controllers (SPC).

The panels are based on the Euromodule 50mm square panel that fits into a range of frames and desk modules.

Allowing for bi-directional RS232 control, the SPC series also incorporates open collector outputs to trigger electric screens. A PIR port, for room occupancy detection, will shut the system down after a given period if a room is vacant.

The SPC tool is designed to simplify programming by selecting the projector to be used from a drop down list, highlighting features the panel is going to use then uploading the program to the panel. For more advanced users it is possible to enter all parameters, such as RS232 codes or baud rates, manually.

If used alongside its other products, such as the EPA-41 modular amplifier and the EP-PC50J in one of the desk modules, a complete control, interface and audio solution is achieved, according to the company.

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