iiyama introduces 62 series interactive display

iiyama has debuted its 62 series PCAP interactive displays, available in three unique sizes for a number of applications.

The range consists of a 43-in model (ProLite T4362AS-B1), a 55-in model (ProLite T5562AS-B1) and a 65-in model (ProLite T6562AS-B1), with all models offering installation options in both landscape and portrait orientation. 

The displays use optical bonding technology to improve screen performance, as well as an anti-glare coating on the screen to minimise reflection when used in highly lit environments. 

Bonded PCAP features over 20 touch points throughout the screen, with an edge-to-edge glass that allows for integration with Android OS for customising the display to suit needs. 

The display’s media player can be set up for video content/ads, with several functions for kiosk installations such as setting up desired browsers and scheduling the content to be displays. 

Users can also limit access to the screen with touch and USB port locks. 

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