iiyama highlights new UC cameras and speakerphones

iiyama has announced its new line up of webcams and speakerphones for unified communications and digital collaboration.

Designed for applications from home office environments to large meeting/board rooms, the new range includes five webcams and two speakerphones.

The new iiyama speakerphones, the UC SPK01L and UC SPK01M, feature 360-degree omnidirectional audio pickup, enabling each voice in the room to be transmitted to remote participants.

Noise reduction and echo cancellation algorithms are used, with set up via Bluetooth, USB or audio cable. Up to three devices can be connected, supporting eight hours of use on a single charge.

UC Webcams

Iiyama’s new webcame range consist of the UC CAM75FS-1, UC CAM80UM-1, UC CAM180UM-1, UC CAM120UL-1 and UC CAM120ULB-1, ranging from HD resolution with 77 degrees FOV for home offices, up to 4K offerings with a 180 panoramic field of view for conferences.

Features include face detection and voice localisation, enabling the cameras to track the speaker and switch between presenters.

Integrated microphones and noise reduction algorithms are included, with set up via USB type C cable.

Support for conferencing software such as Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams is also provided.

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