IHSE to unveil new products at NAB 2019

IHSE USA will showcase a line of KVM products, including the Draco vario ultra HDMI 2.0 extender, remote IP CPU, compact ultra KVM switch and DisplayPort KVM extender.

The Draco vario ultra HDMI 2.0 extender is based on the Fraunhofer IIS lightweight image codec and enables transmission of video sources with resolutions up to 4096 x 2160 at 60 hertz and full colour depth (10 bit, 4:4:4).

The module also includes features such as looping outputs and redundant ports.

The Draco vario remote IP CPU supports RDP, RemoteFX, SSH and VNC protocols to connect individual workstations to virtual machines, with a single remote IP CPU able to host up to eight simultaneous sessions.
draco remote ip

More remote protocols are planned to be incorporated in the future and can be made available on demand.

The remote IP CPU is also fully compatible with the Draco vario extender and the Draco enterprise and compact matrix switch series.

The Draco compact ultra KVM switch for HDMI 2.0 supports configurations from 16 x 8 to 31 x 16, with switching of HDMI 2.0 computer video with embedded stereo audio and USB-HID for keyboard and mouse connections.
Draco KVM Switch

Flex-Port technology is also included, with the compact ultra being built on IHSE’s Draco ultra series extender platform, utilising Fraunhofer Institute’s lightweight image codec, with each compact ultra matrix system including a set of transmitter and receiver modules that support 4K resolutions and I/O connections up to 4096 x 2160 and 3840 x 2160 at a 60-Hz refresh rate and full colour depth (10 bit, 4:4:4).

The Draco ultra DisplayPort KVM extender supports 144 Hertz and 240 hertz refresh rates.

Like the other new releases, Fraunhofer’s Lightweight Image codec is also included.
Draco Ultra

The KVM extender supports DisplayPort video devices, keyboards and pointing devices over one duplex fibre cable and can extend resolutions in 32:9 at 144 hertz or 16:9 at 240 hertz up to 5 Km.

A built-in USB-HID is included, supporting gaming keyboards and other devices.

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