IHSE launches Draco tera flex series of KVM matrix switches

IHSE has launched the Draco tera flex series of matrix switches to deliver enhanced flexibility, modularity, scalability and functionality.

The Draco tera flex family incorporates features from the Draco tera enterprise series of switches; including SNMPv3, LDAPS, multilingual on-screen display, encrypted communication for maximum security (for API, Draco tera configuration tool and Matrix Grid) and fast booting. Draco tera flex devices can now be interconnected in a decentralised matrix system using matrix grid technology.

The Draco tera flex is available in three housing variants (1, 2 and 4 U) with between 16 and 160 ports. All ports can be used flexibly as inputs or outputs. 8-port expansion modules can be mixed between Cat and fibee optic types, with either 1 Gbit/s or 3 Gbit/s bandwidth; thus almost all customer-specific requirements can be achieved. The Draco tera flex is equipped with integrated power supply and redundant network connection as standard.

The modular structure permits simple interchange of individual components and prepares for future expansion. The Draco tera flex series is fully compatible with all Draco extenders and Draco tera KVM switches. It is suitable for cost-effective expansion of an existing Draco tera enterprise system or as an upgrade to existing Draco tera compact installations.

The new Draco tera flex matrix switch series offers a higher number of ports and performance at almost the same cost and replaces the existing Draco tera compact range, however the 8-port compact switch will still be available as an entry-level variant for smaller KVM installations.

Freely-configurable 24- and 40-port models housed in 1U 19-in racks will be available from the end of November 2020.  Larger models in 2U and 4U racks with up to 160 ports will follow at the end of the year.

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