IHSE introduces IP module at IBC 2019

IHSE has launched its IP Remote Access Gateway module, capable of connecting its KVM matrix to private or public TCP/IP networks, allowing for remote access to matrix-connected target devices via an HTML browser or soft client.

Encrypted signal transmission is available via IP, with an HTML-5.0 based browser access providing flexibility from mobile devices for remote administration.

Windows and Linux-based client software is also included for additional functionality. 

The IP module features 1080p60 video signal at 8-bit colour depth, with 4K resolution and 30 fps able to be achieved.

The module’s receiver is mapped as a receiving device using PC hardware, with the Secure IP Remote Access Gateway not requiring multicast architectures.

The module’s CON is designed for use with Draco tera KVM switches and is compatible with the Draco vario extender series and Draco vario chassis.

HDMI and USB interfaces for local access to rack or workplace levels are also included.

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