IBase debuts fanless 4K digital signage player

IBase Technology has unveiled its fanless SI-642-N 4K digital signage player using the eighth gen Intel Core U-series processors.

The fanless SI-642-N can integrate with the IBase Ismart and Observer technologies for remote monitoring, power on/off scheduling, power recovery and low temperature boot functions. 

An Intel HD graphics 620 unit is included to simultaneously support two independent displays (one HDMI 2.0 and one active DisplayPort 1.2) with 4K (4096x2160) at 60Hz resolution and two independent audio outputs. 

The digital signage player includes an MBD642 motherboard with dual Gigabit LAN, four USB 3.1, dual channel DDR4 with up to 32GB support and expansion slots including the M.2 3042 B-Key for 4G/LTE, M.2 2290 M-key for storage and M.2 2240 E-key to install optional capture cards. 

Four models of the SI-642-N 4K digital signage players are available, differing in processor type and operating on both Windows 10 and Linux Ubuntu operating systems. 

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