Humly to expand modern workplace solutions range at ISE 2023

Humly will showcase two new systems at ISE 2023: Visitor and Floor Plan, with a third to be unveiled on the showfloor.

Humly Visitor is a ‘check-in to check-out’ system that tracks a visitor’s journey through a facility for security and optimisation. The system allows users to check-in, approve terms and conditions, and automatically register parking spaces. 

Hosts are alerted of arrivals to greet guests with friendly messages and the system can also trigger visitor badges to come into effect. 

Humly Floor Plan is designed to address the challenge of booking workspaces in hybrid business environments with dynamic worker schedules. 

Floor Plan provides a 3D overview of meeting room, desk and parking space availability on each floor of a premises; workers can check availability for new bookings en-route to the office and remotely manage existing bookings. 

A 3D visualisation tool is included to provide a view of available (green) and unavailable (red) spaces on passive displays. An interactive mode is also included to book spaces in real-time using a touchscreen kiosk. 

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