Huddly releases speaker tracking functionality for L1 camera

A new software update allows users of Huddly's L1 camera for large rooms to take advantage of new AI-powered Speaker Framing feature that enables more natural communication for better meeting experiences.

In video meetings traditional speaker tracking technology focuses only on the person who is talking, causing remote participants to lose out on visual communication cues and making collaboration more difficult than it has to be.

Huddly's Speaker Framing captures the speaker and also includes listening shots to capture non-verbal reactions and responses, ensuring that everyone in the room is visually represented. By offering this functionality in a 6K camera, Huddly seeks to remove the drawbacks of video meetings and use their strengths compared to meeting in person.

Speaker Framing is powered by Huddly L1's built-in AI director. It edits meetings in real time, switching between different types of shots. Inspired by TV and movie production, the AI can see, understand, and respond to what is happening in the space, enabling it to cut back and forth between shots of the speaker, audience reactions, and a room overview.

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