online platform launched for huddle room design

The website is an online platform for AV furniture manufacturers including TeamMate, Quadra, Dalen Top-Tec, Unicol, JM Furniture and Loxit, designed to help with the design process of huddle spaces in the UK.

A number of technology partners are included on the platform including Barco, Clevertouch, Logitech, ViewSonic and BenQ, with end users able to be guided through design and technology choices to create a huddle space without the need for extensive technical knowledge. 

A decision tree matrix allows is included for each step of the huddle room design, with the creation route leading down specific branches for individual technologies that are effective for particular set ups. 

Visual guides are included to track projects through to completion with additional layers being added until a final room configuration is confirmed, with a live chat feature available should advice be needed throughout the design process.

Users can choose between budget, mid-range and high end cost categories, with each step’s prices being displayed alongside lead times for furniture products, allowing users to keep track on budget costs as the room is designed. 

Once a huddle room is designed, can access a team of UK installers to allow the project to be completed, with service support options being available to ensure optimal running of a huddle room in the longer term, with gold, silver or bronze packages available depending on needs. 

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