HTC VIVE introduces immersive VR glasses for coporate use

HTC VIVE is expanding the availability of VIVE Flow, its immersive VR glasses, with the introduction of VIVE Flow Business Edition.

They are suitable for training, working on the move, immersive remote collaboration, bringing VR into the classroom, location-based entertainment, healthcare and rehabilitation, and more.

VIVE Flow Business Edition comes with a free 30 day trial of VIVE Sync – an interactive meeting tool which gives a greater sense of presence and minimise distractions in meetings and lessons. VIVE Sync also allows people to quickly and easily bring in rich content, including videos and 3D models in addition to Microsoft Office items. This helps to improve efficiency and overcome the fatigue many feel from constant video-based meetings. People can join VIVE Sync meetings in VR or even from a browser on their phone or laptop.

VIVE Flow Business Edition also comes with VIVE Business Warranty & Services (including a two-year commercial warranty, and expedited return/replacement if needed).

Making it even easier to use at events with high turnover or for people unfamiliar with VR, VIVE Flow Business Edition now has an optional 3DoF controller for intuitive controls to navigate menus and experiences. And a special ‘kiosk mode’ means content can be set for users to experience – queued up and remotely triggered - removing the worry of users accidentally closing the content and having to start again.

The immersive glasses weigh 189g – less than the average smartphone, and include intuitive features like adjustable diopter lenses for each eye. The face gasket is made of a light and breathable fabric which is easy to clean, and the gasket connects magnetically so it can be swapped or cleaned easily.

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