Holovis tracking app could help attractions open safely as lockdowns ease

Holovis is offering a free social distancing app to single ticket admission destinations to help them re-open safely in the wake of Covid-19.

The Crowd Solo app features an attraction reservation and queue-management system with real-time proximity alerts, providing operators with instant insight into guest movements to avoid crowd hotspots.

A basic app will be available in four to six weeks and Holovis is now looking for interest and feedback from the industry to support further development.

It is powered by the Holovis DeepSmarts data analytics engine and visualises the movements of guests so operators can continually monitor how effectively their facility is operating, especially around attraction loading hot spots. Heatmap data is viewed in real-time to help expand capacity, support staffing plans and manage attractions safely. 

Guests will download the mobile app on their phones and use it as the only way to book attractions for themselves and their family throughout their visit. By connecting every guest, the data presents an exact ‘state of the park’, position. The real-time insights suggest optimal guest management strategies, so operators can instantly act on information to improve guest flow and avoid unwelcome hotspots by diverting guests to other areas of the park. 

Via the tracking capability, each guest will also be made aware of their group’s social distance metrics in relation to all other visitors, with the system providing both audible and vibration feedback responses to warn if guests are too close. This can also be gamified to add an element of fun to social distancing.

No new physical hardware or changes to site infrastructure are required to enable the Crowd Solo system. 

Planned add-on features include complete parkwide gamification, thermal imaging reports, ride popularity statistics, custom insight reports and integration with existing cashless payment methods. 

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