Holovis to show Mixed Reality in the XR Technology Zone of ISE 2018

Holovis will be showcasing an array of emerging technology and demonstrating how it can be implemented to solve different business challenges in the XR Technologies Zone at ISE 2018.

Key themes of the Holovis centrepiece will be applications for entertainment and enterprise including training and simulation, architectural design, collaboration, retail and brand engagement and virtual manufacturing as the world moves towards Industry 4.0.

The zone will showcase three interconnected Virtual Reality experiences to demonstrate how concepts and complex data sets can be visualised as immersive and interactive models, incorporating real world, real-time data and simultaneous multi-person engagement.

A VR architectural design experience lets guests swipe through a timeline and see the building be constructed around them, with all the different phases and elements falling into place. This demonstrates a completely new way of engaging with construction designs, will speed up the process for the master contractors and advance the way the industry currently views project plans.

Guests can then walk inside the building that they’ve just seen being built and discover it is a factory with a robot production line. This will showcase a live digital twin recreating the exact movements from a real robot at Holovis HQ in the UK, seen externally to the headset by a live feed.

By modelling real-time data in the virtual space, operators can be instantly altered to alignment issues, preventing inaccuracies being discovered later down the line. In this new scalable world, data relating to processes that might not be next to each other in reality can be incorporated to show them working side by side. It can also be a collaborative working environment with multiple people in different geographical locations all meeting in the same virtual space to review the data, interact with it and make instant changes or updates.

The third station will be a collaborative VR activity, where people in two different views will be able to build a model Lego car together.

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