Holotronica unveils 3D display system

Holotronica has announced the launch of Holo-Gauze, a 3D projection system, which the manufacturer's claim is more affordable than Pepper’s Ghost systems and easier to transport.

Holo-Gauze consists of a metallic, transparent gauze and is designed to be used with 3D polarised projection systems and can also achieve 2D hologram effects.

It is the brainchild of AV artist and composer Stuart Warren-Hill, founder of Hexstatic and
co-founder of the Big Chill music festival in the UK in the early 1990s.

Holo-Gauze was developed when Warren-Hill required a new type of portable holographic 3D display to tour his new 3D Blu-ray and CD project, Holotronica. He needed it to be easy to tour and more affordable than Peppers Ghost holographic systems – it costs £350 per metre.

A couple of pre-launch ‘beta’ projects have already showcased the system, including production of a hologram android that responded to tweets during the promotion of US TV show Almost Human and 3D effects for this summer’s Ibiza residences of DJs Hed Kandi and Chase and Status.

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