Holotronica launches Holoporter

Holographic illusion providers Holotronica has launched Holoporter, a self-contained, portable unit for the delivery of holograms for a range of applications with no technical knowledge required.

Holoporter features a one metre square base and is two metres tall. Holotronica’s DarkMat is placed on the floor and back wall, and a Hologauze transparent projection screen creates the projectable surface on the front of the unit. 

The DarkMat tiles absorb 98% of light spill from the projectors and lighting, further enhancing the realism of the holographic experience and delivering viewing angles and audience possibilities. 

Hologauze features a finer weave with double the reflective coating of comparative products, making it suitable for productions featuring 3D Stereoscopic polarised video. 

As well as these proprietary technologies, the system contains everything needed to create the holographic effect, including remote control lights, speakers and the projector, with clear setup instructions that don’t require any advanced technical know-how. 


Holoporter has been designed to be easy to transport and setup once in location. The product weighs 70kg, with a lightweight aluminium frame that also features Velcro and magnetic fixings for easy assembly and to attach the audio and visual fixtures.

It travels in a single, slimline flight case, fitting easily through standard door frames. The exterior can also be customised with company branding and logos. 

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