Holoplot launches Plan 2.0 sound system design software

Holoplot has launched its Plan 2.0 sound system design software, introducing its second-generation software capabilities.

Following on from a major upgrade to Holoplot’s operating system, OS2.0, Plan 2.0 gives users access to new features and improvements within the sound system design software, including a new user interface, and workflow improvements.

Users can now create multiple presets within one Holoplot Plan project file; by switching presets, users can change the entire beam layout, transforming the system and venue from live performance to cinema, going from single-language conference to multi-language conferences with multiple zones.

With the beam library feature, users can generate an unlimited number of beams, all manageable through the new library view, creating multiple versions of a beam to simplify beam management, with all beams optimised directly inside the software.

With configuration and simulation features integrated into one 3D view port, feedback can be accessed in real-time, as well as adjustments, ensuring sound distribution and clarity.

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