HK Audio launches Sonar speaker series

HK Audio's Sonar series

HK Audio has debuted its Sonar speaker series, consisting of three full range models: The Sonar 110 Xi, Sonar 112 Xi and Sonar 115 Xi alongside the Sonar 115 Sub D subwoofer.

The full-range models feature a 24-bit DSP controller with a colour display, able to be used to operate connection and setting options. Two channels are included for microphone or line signals, with an aux channel for music signals. 

All settings for the Sonar Xi models can be remotely controlled with the Sonar Remote app, available for iOS and Android. 

Signals can also be streamed wirelessly via the aux channel with Bluetooth 5.0. Bluetooth TWS can also be used when using two Sonar speakers. 

Sonar 115 Sub D subwoofer

The Sonar 115 Sub D subwoofer includes a 24-bit DSP controller with  a display that allows users to set parameters including the crossover frequency, polarity and delay. Two pre-sets for cardioid operation are included when using two subwoofers, allowing for the reduction of low frequencies in the rear of a space.