HK Audio intros Elements Gala

HK Audio has introduced Elements Gala, the next product in the German pro audio company’s Elements series.

An all-in-one stereo columnar system with all the components of a full-blown PA, Elements Gala features an extended sub-bass range, a top end with even greater definition, and more powerful, punchier low mids.

Elements Gala comes with four E 835 columnar tops (each loaded with eight 3.5-in high-performance speakers), a 15-in system subwoofer to power the whole operation, two EF 45 bases, two EP 2 extension poles for applications requiring raised speakers, and two LS 10 Speakon cables.

Elements Gala can also be extended using an HK Audio L SUB 1500 A subwoofer. The new subwoofer is also available separately for users of legacy Elements systems who wish to step up to Elements Gala-style sound quality.

Elements Gala is available from March 1, 2018 on the European market

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