HK Audio introduces Polar 8 column system

HK Audio has expanded its Polar column system with the Polar 8, featuring 1,200 watts of peak power.

The Polar 8 features six 2.5-in neodymium speakers with one-in voice coils in a curved column arrangement within the mid/high unit of the Polar 8. 

A three-channel mixer with master volume control and Bluetooth true wireless stereo is included, alongside an eight-in bass speaker housed in a metal-reinforced plastic/ABS subwoofer enclosure. 

The Polar 8 features dispersion angles of 120 degrees x 45 degrees and can be used without a spacer on stages, as a monitor system and with a seated audience. 

Two channels are also provided as XLR/jack combo sockets for microphones and line signals. 

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