HK Audio introduces Lucas Nano 600 'crossover' PA

HK Audio has launched what it is calling the world's first 'crossover' PA, the Lucas Nano 600 can be used as a single column and as a stereo system.

The mono column delivers 130 dB maximum SPL, and weighs 16kg. The conventional 2.1 stereo setup can also be extended to a Twin Set by linking the two mono columns with one subwoofer each and two stacked satellites to configure a full-blown fullrange stereo rig.

The satellites' 1in tweeters are equipped with a newly developed MultiCell Transformer. This allows two satellites to be stacked properly for the best acoustical results.

In addition, the subwoofer features an internal bracing system developed by the HK Audio research team using simulations like those employed by aircraft and automobile designers to model vibrations.

This multi-option system can be used by MCs and other announcers as well as for restaurants and function rooms where a flexible PA is preferable to an installed system.

It is available in May 2014, with a MSRP of €1,149.00.

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