HK Audio debuts sub D system subwoofer

HK Audio has announced the launch of its Elements E 115 sub D system subwoofer, delivering a 900-watt power amplifier output to drive up to three E 835 mid/high loudspeakers.

The Elements E 115 sub D system subwoofer includes an integrated digital controller, allowing processing of the sound characteristics in both the bass and the mid-high frequency range. 

The controller provides full networking capability for several Elements stacks or for Linear 7 speaker models, using HK Audio DSP Control software for MacOS and Windows, allowing networks to be controlled from the front of house position. 

The volume and lines of the system can be adjusted, as well as a fully parametric 10-band EQ, tunable high and low pass filters, delay times, limiters and more. 

A cardioid bass function can be used by connecting an HK Audio Linear sub 1500 A to the cardioid out of the Elements E 115 sub D, focusing the forward bass radiation with rear bass attenuation by approximately 30 dB. 

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