HK Audio announces Patchbay 6

HK Audio has announced Patchbay 6 (PB-6), a routing product that is divided into two separate sections: 'Controller In' and 'Amp Out'.

Each section is the height of one rack unit. The ‘Controller In’ section offers two analogue In/Thrus with ground lift switches, a digital AES EBU In/ Out and an Ethernet Cross Input (X) / Parallel Input (II).

The ‘Amp Out’ section serves as the output section for four amp channels. The individual channels can be utilised as NL4s, 1+/1- or 2+/2-s or NL8-Multi-Outs.

Patchbay 6 is available as a standalone product or as part of the Power Racks 8 and 16 bundle.

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