Hive launches SDM-compatible media engine

Hive, a manufacturer of media engines, has announced the launch of the BeeBlade, a media player for use across various applications.

BeeBlade has the ability to be deployed in three different formats. Firstly, it can be inserted directly into SDM-compatible projectors or displays, using the advantages of the SDM format whilst simplifying installation and eliminating the need for expensive video distribution systems.

Alternatively, BeeBlade can be deployed in a standalone box, a BeeBox, which is suitable for situations where display technology lacks an SDM slot, yet where users still want to harness the power of the distributed architecture.

Lastly, for those seeking a high-density rack solution, multiple BeeBlade modules can be inserted into an accompanying product, the BeeHive, enabling 16 x 4k output from a single 5U rack.

The new BeeBlade range incorporates Hive’s proprietary BeeSync technology, achieving synchronisation across multiple displays, with precise frame-accurate synchronisation of HDMI video outputs across all Ethernet-connected video players, wherever they are located. Comparable to more expensive genlocked systems, BeeSync eliminates the need for extra hardware and cabling. Hive’s flagship BeeBlade modules are fully compatible with all SDM-equipped Panasonic projectors and displays as part of an ongoing relationship between the brands.


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