Hitachi launches 3,500 lumens LED projector

Hitachi Digital Media Group has launched an LED projector capable of producing 3,500 lumens of brightness.

The LP‑WX3500/WU3500 uses HLD (High Lumen Density) technology to produce 3,500 lumens, 30,000:1 contrast ratio with 20,000 hours of system life.

Featuring a new High Lumen Density (HLD) light source, the technology can emit four times the light of current LED technology, making the screen up to three times brighter. Also included is a lens with a powerful 1.7 zoom.

HLD technology increases the brightness of the green LED, which, by its very nature, is never as bright as blue or red light. A series of blue LEDs are directed into a phosphor rod, where the light is changed to green. This light source operates in tandem with high brightness red and blue LEDs.

The projectors are equipped with HDBaseT, two HDMI inputs and HDMI Out*. HDBaseT allows the transmission of ultra-high definition digital media signals via a standard LAN cable (Cat5e/6) up to a distance of 100m. HDMI Out outputs the signal from HDMI 1 or HDBaseT and enables connected projectors to show content on multiple screens simultaneously, perfect for conferences or large venues. HDMI 1 also supports MHL connectivity; mirror the screen of your MHL enabled smartphone/tablet on a projected screen.

*Up to 7 projectors can be connected in series HDMI Out terminal of this projector. The number of projectors that can be connected varies depending the source device and cables used.

Users can also schedule routine and special projector events, including power on, power off, input selection and other settings with easy scheduling. This includes being notified by e-mail if an error occurs.

All models feature a hermetically sealed optical engine which prevents dust from being able to interfere with interior parts.

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