Hitachi launches 11 new projectors

Hitachi Digital Media Group aims to bring network-connected flexibility to education and general purpose users with two new series of LCD projectors.

Eleven new models have been added to the existing Multi Purpose range, five new network capable variants and six new mobile projectors.

The five network enabled models, respectively the CP-X2511N, the CP-X3011N, the CP-X4011N, the widescreen CP-WX3011N and the education market specific ED-X45N include upgrades and improvements. Physical dimensions have been reduced in comparison with earlier network-enabled models as a result of an integration of the networking features onto the main board.

Networking capability has been upgraded with a range of features that offer various options for displaying images and messages over the network. PC-Less presentation for presenting directly from a USB memory device now has a thumbnail image feature, which allows easier image selection and a slideshow function. The new USB display feature also allows the easy projection of PC images via a USB cable and three simple mouse clicks.

Projector management has also been and an updated centralised reporting function supports the collection of status data from all the projectors connected to the network. This is useful for highlighting potential issues early but also for scheduling the infrequent maintenance activity. A new messenger function supports the sending and displaying of text messages to any or all projectors on the network either instantly or at predetermined times.

These network models also utilise Hitachi’s Active Iris that produces high contrast ratios of 2000:1, delivering distinct pure black levels even when displaying dark scenes. The models also house a 16W internal speaker system. This can be used in Audio Pass Through mode when the projector is in standby mode that enables sound output when the lamp is not needed for projection. The microphone, which can be mixed with the background audio, is suited to medium and large sized rooms without sound systems.

The company also launched a new compact, low weight mobile range comprised of the CP-RX79, the CP-X2520, the CP-X3020 and the three education market specific ED-X50, ED-X52 and the ED-X26. To improve the comfort of audiences in meeting rooms and classrooms, these models feature a front-facing air vent that directs the hot exhaust away from both the audience and the projection lens. The BLANK button provides an instantaneous blank screen that operates much faster than a mechanical shutter. If this facility is not needed the actual button can be customised to perform any function from the menu on the My Button.

Input Source Naming now displays simple icon labels in addition to user selected names. The template feature for drawing lines and grids on the screen also now includes a world map. The magnify feature provides an electronic zoom together with the zoom position guide.

The production process used reduces harmful emissions with paint-free projector casings while the impact of distribution is minimised by smaller, recyclable shipping cartons. All but one of the new projectors features long life components such as the lamp and the Super Hybrid Filter that minimise electronic waste and provide up to 6000 hours service between maintenance intervals.

Carbon footprint is minimised by an improved reduced power standby mode that cuts power consumption. In the network enabled models standby mode consumes less than 1W, while the mobile models, outlined below, draw less than 0.5W.

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