Hitachi adds 3 to short throw range

Hitachi added three LCD projectors to its ultra short throw range, the ED-A220N, the CP-AW250N and CP-A300N.

The models are networked and can be used on a tabletop or mounted with the provided bracket.

A design that incorporates three feet means that two simple adjustments, to correct horizontal angle and tilt, are needed to get a square image from a tabletop. When wall mounted, one engineer can install the projectors and fine adjustment can be carried out in six axes.

The Hitachi Perfect Fit now incorporates an eight point adjustment that includes four corners and sides also helps to make the process as short as possible.

Hitachi says it has reduced the throw distance for an 80 inch screen down to 50cm for the standard models and 53cm for the widescreen model.

The new models are smaller and lighter than Hitachi CP-A100 models. Air flow and cooling has been designed to reduce noise and power consumption. Cool air flow is used to optimise lamp life and all models include Hybrid filters that are claimed to last up to 4,000 hours.

A reduced power standby mode uses 0.3W.

The networking connectivity allows all models to use Hitachi projector management software. The messenger function uses the network to facilitate the scheduled broadcast of messges such as announcements or schedules. The projectors also provide USB connectivity.

ED-A220N offers 2200 lumens and is primarily intended for use in education. The CP-AW250N and the CP-A300N deliver 2500 and 3000 lumens respectively.

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