High Resolution Systems unveils controller range with new interfaces

High Resolution Systems has added a touchscreen interface to UDC Touch, its universal device controller, and expanded the line of controller products.

UDC Spyder Touch is a dedicated touchscreen controller that communicates with Christie Vista Spyder. It comes in 7” and 10” models, reads command keys and function keys from a connected Spyder and auto-populates the buttons on the touchscreen accordingly.

UDC Christie Projection Touch communicates directly with Christie digital projectors and can control up to 40 projectors as groups or offer individual control. It also comes in 7” or 10” models and reads lamp hours, input selected and more.

UDC Christie Projection with Spyder Touch combines the features of Spyder Touch and Projection Touch.

The company also offers the UDC Lightware Touch designed to control Lightware Matrix Routers, from 8x8 to 80x80. It can define up to four separate routers and switch control among different matrix routers. It comes in 7” and 10” models.

The UDC AJA Ki Pro Touch can control up to four Ki Pro tapeless video recorders and four KUMO compact SDI routers. The unit reads timecode from each Ki Pro and displays it individually.

UDC Spyder Touch, Christie Projection Touch and Lightware Touch come with a UDC Touch unit for an optional add-on with a UDC license.

In addition to the new product line, High Resolution Systems announced new features for PowerPoint control for UDC-R or UDC-Remote Control. PowerPoint can be controlled from UDC using the UDC-R remote application on a computer utilized for a PowerPoint presentation.

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