Hicon develops roadproof plug connector system

Sommer Cable has announced Hi-Fiber4, a roadproof plug connector system from German manufacturer Hicon.

The product is based on four standard LC fibreglass connectors protected by a metal housing. It comprises a cable plug, a universal panel socket plus various adapters to other connecting systems.

Hi-Fiber4 comes in the D-flange format, which is compatible with XLR connectors and can be used as a panel coupling and also as a universal cable coupling for extensions or cascading purposes.

Here it can be linked with up to four conventional LC-Simplex connectors (or two LCDuplex connectors or a combination of both resp.) and also with the Hi-Fiber4-MC cable plug.

It mounts directly behind front panels by using two integrated M3 threads. Alternatively a front panel installation with countersunk screws is also possible.

The cable plug can be fitted with up to four LC connectors, which are assembled and plugged into a metal cross fixture after inserting the cable. About 50 mm of fibre length can be stored in a fibre reservoir inside the connector for possible future repair measures.

A subsequent exchange or repair of the LC connectors is possible and Sommer Cable offers practice-oriented user training including certification.

The locking mechanism is operated by the push-pull locking ring. The protective cap and a spring-loaded protective sleeve is designed to save the inside fibre system from dirt and damage.

Standard cable screw joints with a spiral sleeve support are used as strain relief and anti-kink protection. These are made of reinforced polyamide which can take up all common four-fibre cable diameters between 5 and 9 mm. IP68 protection can be achieved when plugged in or with locked protective caps.

Sommer Cable also supplies the matching four-fibre cables for installation (PE, LSZH) and mobile (PUR, PMB) applications.