Hetec ships V-Switch quad II

Hetec is shipping its latest combined multiviewer and KVM switch, the V-Switch quad II.

The hardware displays four computers simultaneously on a single display or touch screen – in Quad, PiP, Dual and Fullscreen mode. In addition, all computer sources can be operated using a single keyboard and mouse or touch screen.

The redesign of the KVM console board enables flexible handling of USB peripherals such as printers, 3D-mice, and cameras. Transparent USB 2.0 now is supported. When connecting external memory such as USB-sticks, data can be copied from one computer to the other even if they are not networked. Similarly, only a single finger printer on an operator desk is required to log in on all servers connected.

V-Switch quad II supports any combination of analogue VGA and digital DVI signals up to 1920x1200@60, including HDTV, at inputs and output. The new video processor of V-Switch quad II provides best image quality in Quad, PiP, Dual and Fullscreen mode. New interpolation filters guarantee brilliant image quality when scaling. New DVI receivers support ANY resolution at digital inputs. Touch screen, keyboard, and mouse can be connected via PS/2 and USB. New equalizers allow connecting sources and console at up to 20 meters distance.

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