HDMI extension to 100m

Gefen has announced the arrival of two new distribution solutions for digital high definition sources and displays using the HDMI format.

Available in distributions to four and eight displays, both rack mountable units also enable the extension of HDMI audio and video beyond its specified limits over industry-standard CAT-5 cable.

The 1:4 and 1:8 HDMI CAT-5 Distribution Amplifiers include a sender unit that performs a seamless split of one HDMI input with delivery to multiple displays. Users have the option of ordering small, individual receivers for remote displays that must be placed a distance from the source.

Signals can travel up to 100m at resolutions to 1080i, and up to 50m at resolutions to 1080p. Multi-channel audio is delivered alongside the video using two CAT-5 cables that connect the HDMI source to the display. If users opt to connect their HDMI displays directly to the sender, no additional power is needed.

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