HDMI and SDI cross converter with genlock and audio support

Doremi Labs has introduced the GHX-10, which it claims is the world’s most advanced HD video cross converter.

The GHX-10 features HDMI, DVI, and SDI connectors that allow for any input to be converted to any output format or scan rate. It supports both SD and HD video and employs high quality 12-bit bi-cubic interpolation to ensure the highest quality picture.

Doremi has included many advanced features such as audio support, sync output and genlock. The GHX-10 also features the latest video technology in the form of dual-link SDI and 3Gb/s SDI connectors for 4:4:4 2K film resolution.

Thanks to its comprehensive video format support the GHX-10 can tackle many conversion tasks. The GHX-10 can be used as a computer DVI-to-HDSDI converter, an HDMI resolution converter, or as a HD video up-converter or down-converter, and much more.

The GHX-10 supports up to eight channels of AES, HDMI and SDI audio. The audio can be embedded or de-embedded to the separate AES BNC connectors or delayed to match the video.

A two-line LCD display and scroll wheel simplify navigation through the GHX-10’s menus. A USB connection for remote operation and an infrared remote control are also provided. Firmware can be upgraded via a micro SD card or via USB.

A few of the GHX-10’s numerous applications are outlined in further detail below.
• The GHX-10 can convert a computer’s video output (DVI or HDMI) to the SDI video format so that it can be recorded or broadcast. Its video output can genlock to an external reference. Its HD video output helps retain the high-resolution details and small fonts of a computer’s display.
• The GHX-10 provides high quality up-conversion and down-conversion of video and audio between standard definition SDI and HD-SDI video. In addition to the video audio and VANC data will also be converted.
• The GHX-10 can be used to convert from one DVI or HDMI scan rate to another to better match the native resolution of a video display. For example, a 1280 by 800 scan rate can be converted to 1920 by 1200 and vice versa.

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