Harting offers tool-free termination

The Harting RJ Industrial 10G is the latest version of a tool-free termination RJ45 connector compatible with 10-Gigabit Ethernet applications, enabling easy field installation and maintenance.

These connectors are ideally suited for use in broadcast studio, audiovisual or post-production installations, allowing high-speed data transfer over copper rather than more expensive fibre-optic links.
The connection is made reliably and quickly by hand using proven insulation displacement terminal technology. The insulation displacement terminals are designed for rigid and flexible stranded conductors for a broad range of wire cross-sections.
HARTING supplies STP Cat 7a cable, transmission performance up to 1300 MHz according to IEEE802.3an.  The cable is securely fixed in place in the connector with a robust cable gland providing a high retention force.  Other manufacturers cables with jacket diameters from 4.5 mm up to 9 mm can be accommodated.
Thanks to its compact design, the rugged industry-standard IP 20 model is also compatible for mating with multiport 'harmonica' style RJ 45 jacks. Each connector has an available slot for colour coding keys to improve cable management.