Harting looks to connect at PLASA

Harting will use the PLASA show in London as platform to showcase its connectivity solutions for communication and control applications in lighting, sound and automation systems for the event sector.

Alongside new additions to its industrial connector family, Harting will also feature a new Ethernet-based switching technology known as Fast Track Switching.

Harting highlights its key product range, the Han(R) family of heavy-duty connectors. At PLASA, two new products within the Han(R) family will be introduced: the Han-Yellock(R) industrial connector series and the Han-Eco(R) range of high-quality plastic connector housings.

The Han-Yellock(R) connector series offers an IP67 mated degree of protection and features an integrated ‘seat-belt’ style latched locking mechanism. The new connector also allows single-handed mating or unmating.

The locking facility is a key function of the Han-Yellock(R) connector. When locked, the connection is resistant to vibration and shock. When unmated, a red ring is visible around the perimeter of the locking pushbutton. When fully mated, this ring disappears as soon as the internally protected stainless-steel springs snap into place, providing audible and visual user feedback. To prevent accidental opening of the connector, it can be double-locked by rotating the pushbutton through 90°. The combined hood and carrier-hood are designed to allow cable assemblies to be pulled easily through installation cable trays or trunking.

Two different insert designs are possible. The Han-Yellock contact module system offers up to three five-way, finger-proof 20 A rated male crimp contact inserts, which simply snap into place from the mating or termination side of the hood or housing, resulting in reduced installation cost from pre-wired assembly on the cabinet side. Separate pre-loaded back-to-back female moulded contact elements (multipliers) provide through mating. The multipliers are also available as bridges in various formats to provide power bus functionality.

User safety is addressed with finger-safe designed inserts and a housing integrated crimp or QuickLock termination protected earth (PE) contact that is located in the PE contact chamber. On the hood or free cable side these modules are recessed, thus preventing insert damage when they are disconnected.

The other insert option provides a front or rear snap-in adaptor frame which facilitates modules from Harting's Han-Modular(R) series. This allows a mixture of data control and power signals within the Han-Yellock(R) connector.

Harting’s Han-Eco(R) series is a range of lightweight rugged plastic IP65 connector hoods and housings.

Key features of the series include inserts that accommodate tool-free, snap-in, rear-mounting modules from Harting’s Han-Modular(R) series fitting into front or rear mounting adaptor frames. A separate PE module provides the necessary full grounding and finger-safe user protection for the mated system.

Han-Eco(R) also features an improved hood body design that protects the free-cable end harness lever locking pegs from damage under harsh handling conditions. The housing panel cutouts are identical to those of the recognised industry standard HARTING Han(R) B series.

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